Developper: Brüggemann Eddie (Alias mrcyberfighter).


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I started the art of the programmation in 2010 on a 10.04 Ubuntu LTS system with python 2.*.* as first programming language.

I began to study the C programming language on 1st january 2013 with the K&R (Kernighan and Ritchie) book about the C programming language.

Over the years, I have been accumulating many faculties in different domains, mark-ups,programming languages and so on...

It's a pleasure to present here my creations on : softwares, pythons modules and C libraries.

List of computing faculties

Domains with beginner level

SQL (Structured Query Language).

I have a little experience for database programming.

Gnome desktop javascript

Some experimentation made with the Seed javascript interpreter

GNU C kernel programmation

I have studied the Linux kernel development without completely understanding how the kernel really works.And I have written a tutorial in the French language about how implementing a driver in character mode after acquiring enough knows about it.

Domains with intermediate level

C++ programming language

This is the last programming language I have learned and I become to be acquainted with C++.

SDL2 (Simple Direct Media Link)

2D programming with the C library SDL2 and his extensions

  • SDL2_mixer
  • SDL2_ttf
  • SDL_image
  • SDL2_gfx
I have developped an extension for the SDL2_gfx SDL2 extension for the generation of forms, transformation and animation of forms in a library named SDL2_gfxutils.

I just have a little experience with 3D programming with the python implentation of the OpenGL norm: pyopengl.
For which i have develop a python module for 3D polyhedrons generation, matrix and vector computing named pyglut.

GTK (Gimp ToolKit)

I use the pygtk modele based on GTK+2 for python applications and GTK+3 for C and C++ applications as G.U.I (Graphical User Interface).


I use the Tkinter G.U.I (Graphical User Interface) for python applications.


pygame is a 2D creation python module essentially used for game implementing. I implemented a module especially for pygame which implements a turtle in a pygame display named curser.
A module named turtle soon exist in python that's why i named it curser.
Icons creation

I just have a little experience about the icons creation with a pixels settings program called KIconEdit.

Domains with advanced level.

Python programming

I have a good level in the python programming language
And I have written 3 python modules uploaded on PyPI (Python Package Index) and write many programs.

C programming language

I have start learning the C programing language the 01/01/2013 and I have write some programs and libraries in the C programing language for the Linux operating systems and ported some of them to the Windows operating system.

I think my best work in this way is the terminal integrated programming text editor IT-Edit.

C standard library

I have read several books about system programmation with the C standard library on Linux system.

Linux system administration and Bash shell programming

I am the administrator for my server managed with the Bash shell (Bourne Again Shell).

3D images creation with the sketchup program

I draw with sketchup since 7 years (before learning programming) and and I created a dedicated webside for my 3D creations with sketchup:

ReST (Restructed Text)

The ReST in a simple marks language with which you can generate documents in differents formats like:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • pdf
  • man pages
  • Latex
  • and others...

Esssentially used for generating documentation about a projects with tools like:

  • rst2html
  • rst2man
  • rst2pdf
  • Sphinx
  • And many others...

List of my creation:

Python creations: