CPoker is a 5-cards-draw poker game against the computer.

By starting the animation screen you can select the number of turns you want to play with the UP and DOWN arrows, which will increase or decrease the default value of 20 turns.

The winner of the game is the one who wins the majority of all possible turns, that's all.



CPoker icon

Cpoker is a 5-cards-draw poker game written in C with the SDL2 library.

One turn is done in 6 steps:


You'll find the hierarchy of the different cards combinations significant in CPoker by Windows systems at installation by reading the notice, else in the folder

With Cpoker, cards selection algorithm thrown by the computer and so the computer strategy is implemented like his creator play poker.

So it's as if you play Poker against me !!!

I have implemented this game with respect of the player in sens that the computer never know what you get in hand for cards,

although the cards are presented returned to you, in any event before the cards combination comparaison.

And the the computer doesn't not know which cards will come from the cards stack to cash it on to win.

I take care for:

Finally be sure that the game is fully fair with the player that you are. Like everybody should be in life.

The game is enough intuitive to take in hand and you can play as you which per example the possiblity to exchange your cards positions for a better overview of your hand.

I hope that you will have the same fun by playing like i had by programming the game and big adrenaline shoots...


You can access to the README documentation of the project and so the hierarchy of the differents cards combinations valid in CPoker:


CPoker ReadTheDoc:

Files and useful links:

Folowing files and usefull links of the CPoker project are available:


Author: Eddie Br├╝ggemann.
Contact: mrcyberfighter@gmail.com
License: GPLv3.
Thank's to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.
Stay away from drugs: drugs destroy your brain and your life.