EraseDropBox is a little file(s) and | or folder(s) secure erasing program based on the program wipe for which it give you an drag-and-drop graphical user interface.



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EraseDropBox provide you an easy file or folder drag-and-drop mechanism: you simply have to drag the item to erase in the main window from the application.

You can add file(s) or folder(s) to erase trough an file selector too, if you prefer.

You can take off a file or a folder to erase by selecting it and use the Remove button but not take off a file contains in a folder this will not work.


BE CAREFUL when removing a file from the list located in a subfolder, because the folder erasing works recursively ! Use the file navigator or the terminal for moving files from or to the folder.

In addition to that, you can navigate trough the subfolders to erase to visualize the files and folders content.

You can set the numbers of iterations which wipe will do on your items to erase: the number of overwriting opeartions, more this value is high more the erasing is secure what act on the erasing process speed, in relationship to the total number of file to erase.

At the end, you simply press the Erase button in order to erase all the selected files and folders.



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Author: Eddie Br├╝ggemann.
License: GPLv3.
Thank's to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.
Stay away from drugs: drugs destroy your brain and your life.