Ghobdcalc (Graphical Hexadecimal Octal Binar Decimal Calculator), is a calculator program based on the developpment files from my library hobdcalc Using GTK+3 as GUI (Graphical User Interface). written in C.

More than a simple pocket calculator but a multibases calculator (bases 16, 8 , 2 and 10) furnishing all the functionnalities of a scientist calculator, with some extra functions...



Ghobdcalc icon

Ghobdcalc support 4 differents bases which you can mix in your calculations:

So a value is easy convertible from a base to another ; by given a value or by getting the result simply by pressing the corresponding base button in the interface.

The current value will be automatically converted in the target base.

The buttons from the Ghobdcalc interface are:

Ghobdcalc support signed integer values in range:

From -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807

And the signed floating-points values upto 19 digits.



Ghobdcalc ReadTheDoc:

Files and useful links:

Folowing files and usefull links of the Ghobdcalc project are available:


Author: Eddie Brüggemann.
License: GPLv3.
Thank's to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.
Stay away from drugs: drugs destroy your brain and your life.