SnakeByte is a pacman-art-game programmed with python and the pygame python module in which you incarnate a snake moving in a labyrinth where yellow apples are disposed. The aim is to eat all the apples in order to open the door to get out of the labyrinth – by avoiding the phantoms hunting the labyrinth and the walls the snake can hurt.

You can select the level you want to play from the 10 levels available at game start.

Every level is a bit more difficult than the precedent and the apples and phantoms are dispose and move differently in relationship to the level.

By game end you can register your score or not which appears with a percent number of eaten apples.

To finish a level you have 10 lifes, before getting game over.

If you hit a wall you will lose a life too, so be carefull by your turns and slides: the phantoms are not the only danger in SnakeByte.



SnakeByte icon

After the short start animation you can select the level you want to play or from which you want sea the highscore list.

The snake moves constantly forward but you can turn to the right or to the left with the corresponding arrows,

it's possible to make a slide to the right or to the left with the 'q' key (Left slide.) and the 'd' key (Right slide.), to avoid the phantoms.

You can stop the snake moving forward or for restarting the snake, press the 'z' key.

All this faculties you have for eating all apples without hurting a phantom or a wall, in this last case be carefull in which direction the snake go forward:

because this influence where is the left and the right from the snake...

It's a difficult game but with the 10 lifes given to you and a little bit habit of hability to control the snake, you will arrive to terminate certains levels, others will resist you.

And so the game stay interest to play if you stay concentrate...

Note for python programmer

The game is written in python with the pygame module.

The levels and the phantoms moves habits are base on text files which you will find in the sources and maybe the medium to be invincible if you take care at the source code.



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Author: Eddie Brüggemann.
License: GPLv3.
Thank's to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.
Stay away from drugs: drugs destroy your brain and your life.