battle-rage is a fighting game providing 16 different fighters, all having different properties and sort of kicks.

battle-rage is only playable with joystick(s), so a joystick is required in order to play this game.

You can play:

  • Player vs Computer
  • Player vs Player
  • Computer vs Computer

Download battle-rage for any platform.




The battle-rage program icon.

battle-rage fighters

battle-rage fighters gallery
Fuuma Geese Howard Hanzo Hotaru Futaba
A battle-rage fighter: Fuuma. A battle-rage fighter: Geese Howard. A battle-rage fighter: Hanzo. A battle-rage fighter: Hotura Futaba.
Iori Yagami K Kim Kaphwan Kisarah Westfield
A battle-rage fighter: Iori Yagami. A battle-rage fighter: K. A battle-rage fighter: Kim Kaphwan. A battle-rage fighter: Kisarah Westfield.
Kyo Kusanagi Lee Pai Long Mai Shiranui Mr Big
A battle-rage fighter: Kyo Kusanagi. A battle-rage fighter: Lee Pai Long. A battle-rage fighter: Mai Shiranui. A battle-rage fighter: Mr Big.
Mr Karate Robert Garcia Rock Howard Terry Bogard
A battle-rage fighter: Mr Karate. A battle-rage fighter: Robert Garcia. A battle-rage fighter: Rock Howard. A battle-rage fighter: Terry Bogard.

Video demo of battle-rage

battle-rage video demonstration

Fighters properties:

All fighters have some properties:

The speed indicate the speed the fighter moves forward or backward.

And how much (speed / 3.75) the fighter advance in direction to the adversary when he give a kick.

note: The speed values are comprise between: [10-15].


This property is only take into account when the fighter is the computer.

And indicate how aggressive the fighter is.

note: The aggressiveness value is a percent.


The force indicate how much damage the fighter inflict to his adversary minus the adversary resistance.

note: The fighter force is comprise between [0.80-1.30].


The fighter resistance indicate how much life points the fighter he will lose when he receive a kick.

note: The resistance value is comprise between: [0.75-1.25].

Note: When the fighter kick the ass of his adversary and this one is not protected

The life points from the adversary are reduce in this manner:

([Value of the kick] × [force]) - ([Resistance common value] × [resistance]) ;

battle-rage fighter selection

battle-rage provide 16 different fighters, you can select one manually.

By using the arrows of your directional pad of your joystick.

Or let the computer select a fighter randomly for you, by pressing the Return key.

battle-rage fighting

The battle-rage joystick(s) configure image.


All fighters have a common set of kicks in relationship

to the joystick buttons with or without a direction button, of the directional pad from your joystick:

joystick combinations of battle-rage

  • The back hand from your fighter is activate by pressing the A button from the joystick.
  • The front hand from your fighter is activate by pressing the X button from the joystick.
  • The front leg from your fighter is activate by pressing the B button from the joystick.
  • The back leg from your fighter is activate by pressing the Y button from the joystick.

note:So you get the following different combinations:

Simple combinations:

  • Only A : a back hand kick.
  • Only X : a front hand kick.
  • Only B : a back leg kick.
  • Only Y : a front leg kick.
  • Only : the fighter moves in direction right.
  • Only : the fighter moves in direction left.
  • Only : the fighter goes down: on his knees.

note: The is not used for jumping: some combination makes the fighter jumping.

Direction + Button combinations:

back hand kicks:

  • + A : a big back hand kick.
  • + A : protected in standing.
  • + A : a back hand uppercut.
  • + A : protected on knees.

front hand kicks:

  • + X : a big front hand kick.
  • + X : a returned front hand kick.
  • + X : a front hand uppercut.
  • + X : a front hand kick to knees.

front foot kicks:

  • + B : a front foot kick to body.
  • + B : a returned front foot kick.
  • + B : a front foot kick to head.
  • + B : a front foot kick to knees.

back foot kicks:

  • + Y : a back foot kick to body.
  • + Y : a returned back foot kick.
  • + Y : a back foot kick to head.
  • + Y : a back foot kick to knees.


because nothing is perfect it can happen that a combination don’t really

represent what it should, like explain above.

But I guarantee that it really doesn’t happen often and that the replacement is near from your expecting.

And some kicks have fallbacks: this mean that 2 different combination can give the same kick: not often.

All according the fighter.


The first time you plug a joystick model you will have to configure it:

Just follow the instructions and press the blinking button.

The battle-rage joystick(s) configure image.

battle-rage doesn’t claim to take in charge every different joystick model of the world but:

battle-rage does the best for taking in charge the most of different joystick models.

And you must pass through a joystick configuration phase, which is oblige,

every time you plug a new joystick model.

Not every time you plug your(s) joystick to play the game !

warning: To know that every time you plug a new joystick model you will have to configure it.

That’s better for all: the game logic, you, conversation about battle rage,...

Because it permit to set a precise combination set, not in according different joysticks models mess,

but according to the game: battle-rage.

NOTE: If you block on the configure joystick screen (your joystick really doesn't respond properly):
retry it and if you're really unlucky: it can be that your joystick is really not compatible with battle-rage.


You must better plug the joystick before starting the game.

Else you will be notify about the problem and be invited to plug a joystick before really starting the game.

And if you plan to play with 2 users plug 2 joysticks before gaming.

But if you don’t have plug 2 joysticks you will be invited to do so...

Sorry but my joystick handler doesn’t handle the plug-in,plug-off of joysticks.

so the free hot plug of joystick(s) is not permit with battle-rage.



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Personal impression about battle-rage:

I think the code is well written with a fine harmony between smart and raw pointers

and the worse in the game is the tact of the fighers in the game,

because the game handle with sequences of images for every kick.

Per example when you press a button from your joystick, representing a kick,

it start a sequence (or kick), if and only if no other sequence (or kick) is in run.

Except for the guard and the protected status which are sequences which can be interrupt by another sequence (or kick).

This is good for the fluidity of the kick but this is the cause of the relative long duration of the kick.

What is not ease to play like a 2 images game (guard and kick image) but

this is how I want the game to work and you can set the game speed on FAST to get a better play ability.


Author: Eddie Brüggemann.
License: GPLv3.
Thank's to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.
Stay away from drugs: drugs destroy your brain and your life.