datetime-lock is a little configurable security tool, which has the possibility to deny the access deny to your system according to the configuration of the programm.

The program is build in response to an unwanted person having physical access to your Ubuntu system, which can protect your system even if the attacker knows your password.

Because if the system does not boot properly, the login screen is never displayed.

A clever use of datetime-lock, like per examples crontabs configuration (You can sea some usages examples here.), can save you in case of an intrusion in your house or datacenter when systems are down (you might be on holidays or any time a hacker has got physical access to your system).

datetime-lock can be the brick of your security systems which can save you.

Actually datetime-lock work's only on Ubuntu systems with the automatic installation except if you set the manually the program at start up, what is not difficult for an serious system administrator. then it can work on every GNU system without any other requirement than the GLibc and the shutdown command.

datetime-lock comes with a little configuration utility named datetime-config based on the date command which facility the crontabs configurations per example.



datetime-lock how does it work ?

datetime-lock must be first configurated throught the different available command-line options, giving multiple ways to set:

Or with the regular date settings to set as:

During this time, slice your system is protected against some physical present offender with bad intentions, like cracking your password, even if he does not know it before the violation of your home, your workplace or where ever your system is located.

After datetime-lock configuration the programm print a summary with the currently settings and the system is locked.


The programm does not ask for any confirmation: if you make an mistake during the configuration, you will see it in the clear printed summary; if you want to reset the settings to not block the system you must call the --disable option who will reset the configuration so that your system is not locked with datetime-lock.

Anyway else the locking is now activated and your system is untouchable for the configurated time slice.

The locking mechanism is an automatic directly shutdown process who will prevent from bad intentions intruder, to tip the password, even if he knows it, because the system will automatically shutdown by booting.

In addition datetime-lock log system attemps which you can read with the --display-logs option.


take care by the special time setting midnight because midnight is the first time from the current day.

datetime-lock options

The dates configurations options are:

--from-date     Locking start date.
                In format: dd/mm/yyyy.

--to-date       Locking end date.
                In format: dd/mm/yyyy.

--today         Locking activ for today.

--days          The days the locking is activ.
                In format: [mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun].
                You can give a comma separated list of days.

--every-day     Locking every day.
                It's a shortcut for:
                --days mon,thue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun

--week-days     Locking for every working days.
                Week-end excluded.
                It's a shortcut for:
                --days mon,thue,wed,thu,fri.

--weekend-days  Locking only the week end days.
                It's a shortcut for:
                 --days sat,sun.

The times locking options are:

--from-time     Locking start time.
                In format: hh:mm:ss.

--to-time       Locking end time.
                In format: hh:mm:ss.

--time-slice    Locking start and end time.
                In format: [Start-time]-[End-time].
                It's a shortcut for:
                --from-time hh:mm:ss --to-time hh:mm:ss.

--from-timer    A locking start time and a dury,
                during the lock is activ.
                In format [Start-time]-[During].
                In format hh:mm:ss-hh:mm:ss.

Following options are available too:

--disable       Reset configuration and disbale lock.

--display-logs  Display access attemps during lock time.

--help          Display the help message.

datetime-config: a little configuration utility

datetime-config is an little utility to help an regular configuration of

datetime-lock in case of an automatic configuration with cron, useable with

the substitution command:

$ $(datetime-config -s) # per example

Who support following options:

-s              [start]
-d  hh:mm:ss    [date]
-t  hh:mm:ss    [time]

Sea using examples in the file: usage_examples.txt


The installation script only works on Ubuntu system else you must set the program datetime-lock at start-up manuallly to make it work.



datetime-lock ReadTheDoc:

Files and useful links:

Folowing files and usefull links of the datetime-lock project are available:


Author: Eddie Br├╝ggemann.
License: GPLv3.
Thank's to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.
Stay away from drugs: drugs destroy your brain and your life.