looker is a simple video player with all the basic functionalities.

But looker looker can register your current video timestamps at stop.

You will prompt to register or not.

Then you can relaunch the video at the moment you stop it.




The looker program icon


The little story of looker

I often watch only a part of video, per example the the first 40 minutes.

And looker permit me to relaunch the video at the timestamps I have stop it.

looker is a video player with all the basic functionalities of a video player:

But looker can remember the position of your video file when you close the player,

what permit you to reload the video, you watching at, at the position you stop it.

note: In fact looker reload the video 1 minute before you the stop.

If you want, looker ask you at exit if he should store the position.

But you can disable this functionality into the preferences window.

The preferences window permit you to set looker as default player for the supported video formats:

And looker permit you to reset the default settings.

looker permit you to clear the file which store the position of your videos.

Because when looker ask you for registering if you answers:

And the file, which store the positions, will grow if you don’t answers “No” at exit at the end of the video.

looker permit you to select the folder where to store the snapshots:

Shortcuts memo

Shortcut functionality Mnemonic
Ctrl + O Open file o = open
Ctrl + s snapshot s = snapshot
Ctrl + + Increase volume None
Ctrl + - Decrease volume None
Ctrl + c Clear positions file c = clear
Ctrl + p Preferences p = preferences
Ctrl + a About a = about


On-line notice:

Download notice:

looker html doc:

looker pdf doc:

Files and useful links:

  • debian package file.  

    • looker_1.0-noarch.deb

    • Use gdebi (in preference) or dpkg to install the debian package !

    • sudo gdebi looker-1.0-noarch.deb   # gdebi resolves dependencies.
      sudo dpkg -i looker-1.0-noarch.deb # dpkg doesn't resolves dependencies.
  • :note: This DEBIAN package was tested and works on Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 17.10.

  • RPM package file.  

    • looker-1.0-1.noarch.rpm

    • NOTE: If you get all requirements installed but the rpm program refuse to install looker: try the --nodeps switch.

  • :note: This RPM package was tested and works on Mageia 5-1.

  • Tarball file containing the sources from looker: An autotool implemented building system (GNU/Linux and POSIX Compliant systems).

  • To install on GNU/Linux and POSIX compliant systems simply type:
    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ make strip # Remove all unneeded symbols
    $ sudo make install

  • github repository:


Synopsis:A video player with duration registering functionality. To relaunch your video at the time you stop it.
Author:Eddie Brüggemann mrcyberfighter@gmail.com
Thanks:Thanks to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.
Advice:Stay away from drugs: drugs destroy your brain and your life.